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NOC for Renew Trade License Request

This service allows Transport companies to renew their permit to the Commercial Licensing Authorities in Dubai

How does it work?

Collect required information

On rta.ae

  • Confirm Information

  • Choose Delivery Method

  • Pay

Delivery / Pick-up

Service fees

  • Defined based on activity in the trade licnese.

You will receive

  • NOC Certificate

Terms and conditions

  • The fees of renewal subscription will be added to the fees of renewal trade license only for Rent's activities

  • If I have selected E-Certificate as a delivery option, I am aware that I will not be receiving a physical certificate and I am aware that the eCertificate will have an expiration date during which I can use the certificate

  • Any issues with the final product can be raised to RTA within 2 working days of receiving the final product. After this time the transaction will be considered finalized.

  • I will pay all fines on my traffic file to receive this service from RTA.

  • Some of the renewal fees for the activities linked to your trade license might be collected from the Department of Economic Development