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NOC for Renew Trade License Request

This service allows Transport companies to renew their permit to the Commercial Licensing Authorities in Dubai

How does it work?

Collect required information

On rta.ae

  • Confirm Information

  • Choose Delivery Method

  • Pay

Delivery / Pick-up

Service fees

  • Defined based on activity in the trade license.

You will receive

  • NOC Certificate

Terms and conditions

  • The customer must not have pending payments or fines before applying for the service whether through electronic channels or through the service centers

  • The customer must check with the Finance Department at RTA (PO Box 118 899 Dubai, United Arab Emirates) if he believes that he has the right to get a refund

  • The company must settle all pending fines at the Supervision and Inspection Department if any are accumulated on the trade license

  • RTA reserves the right to reject the application in case of fraud or misleading information and will be attended to as per the UAE law